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Welcome to the new web site Park Valley Association in Hopkins, MN.  This site is graciously being hosted for free by Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc .
We thank them for their generosity.

A view of the crowd at the 2014 Annual Park Valley Picnic (click to download full size):

I count about 73 in attendance!  See if you count more.


June 2014 Newsletter



Upcoming Events:

Click here to see some pics of Santa's visit to Park Valley on 12/13/2011.

Park Valley Board Meeting Minutes for 10/27/11.

The 2011 picnic was a success.  Enjoy the kids playing in the fire truck spray.


New Members The board is currently looking for new leadership and members.  We currently have no president and Stacy Kettner has been fulfilling the role.  As of 9/10/11 Stacy will be stepping down from the board.

Please contact Stacy (932-2975) if you would be interested in joining the board and keeping the spirit of Park Valley vibrant.

Much of the associations revenue comes from recycling our cans. Please put your cans out on the curb the 1st Saturday morning of each month.

Park Valley Board Meeting Minutes for 10/27/11.


President Ellen Levernier called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.


In attendance:

Mark Panger – Treasurer

Stacey Kettner – outgoing vice president

Steve George – block rep

Don Pollard – block rep

Chris Pollard – block rep

Audrey Ford – block rep

Chris Van Lierop – block rep

John Bissell – block rep


A request for a new directory has been made.  Once a few edits are completed a digital draft will be distributed.  Once approved, we will see what the cost of producing a printed draft will be.


(Not discussed at the meeting, but something we could do is ask who wants a printed version.  This could help mitigate costs.)


Discussion ensued regarding the western border of Park Valley.  There are differences of opinion regarding this item.  The current practice has been to include the west side of 6th Avenue S., however, it may officially be up to the east side of 6th Ave S.  


Treasurer’s report: Current balance is $642.


Santa will be visiting the neighborhood the evenings of 12/13 and 12/14.


Mark Panger will deliver to the Kettner’s a new mailbox to be decorated for Santa.


Mark Panger will draft the Santa flyer.  The flyer will be emailed to Jeana Langer-McNeil for printing and distribution.


Flyer ready for distribution by weekend before Thanks Giving.  To Jeana by 11/17.


Tracey Bakey and John Bissell will be providing pre-visit Santa assistance.

The cutoff off for the flyers to be delivered to Santa is December 8th.



The new president asked about meeting frequency.   Four times per year was agreed to.


Request for additional business.

Next meeting in February.


Mark Panger to contact Joan Vesovich to reimburse her for Sunshine Lady expenses.


 Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.